Roller Coaster

World’s Best Husband

World’s Best Husband - Couples

“My wife hates rollercoasters. After I pitched a fit, she finally agreed to ride one with me.”

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Sucker - Roller Coaster

“Heading down the water chute ride at Mall of America, younger brother used the ride’s photo op to capture his moment of revenge for being picked on by his big brother at all other locations.”

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Coaster Demon

Coaster Demon - Kids

“This roller coaster photo will haunt my son forever. (His normal face included for reference.)”

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Coaster Casual

Coaster Casual - Couples

“My girlfriend and her sister wanted to look casual on the roller coaster. Totally understand why they paid $10 for this picture.”

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(Eye) Roller Coaster

(Eye) Roller Coaster - Roller Coaster

“This is me and my two boys. Doesn’t the younger one look happy to be at a festival?”

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