Saturday Night Specials

Saturday Night Special: Tunnel of Love

Who says fathers and sons have trouble showing affection?

(submitted by Alexandra)

In Dad • July 18th, 2009 • 89 Comments »

Ladies Night

So, that’s where he carries his dip.

(submitted by Alisa)

In Saturday Night Specials • July 11th, 2009 • 197 Comments »

Saturday Special: Wild Wild West

We’re still trying to figure out how he got his Wranglers off over the boots.

(submitted by Jim)

In Saturday Night Specials • June 27th, 2009 • 244 Comments »

Sharing The Wealth

Why choose one when there’s plenty of you to go around?

(submitted by Emily)

In Prom • June 22nd, 2009 • 44 Comments »


Real class is allowing yourself to be showered by chandelier fragments.

(submitted by Amie)

In Prom • June 13th, 2009 • 111 Comments »
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