School Photos

Trouble With The Curve - Kids

Trouble With The Curve

“I wanted to look like all the other little girls with curly hair on picture day but my hair was super straight. This was the best I could do. I wouldn’t let my mother touch my ‘do.”

(submitted by Toni) 

Hammer Time On My Mind - Kids

Hammer Time On My Mind

“This is me for first grade picture day. I think the braids definitely made the outfit. Willie Nelson meets MC Hammer?”

(submitted by Andie)

Shrinkage - School Photos


“So my sister got her senior pictures back. Is that bad?”

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Magnum P.I. - School Photos

Magnum P.I.

“My friend is a teacher. His coworkers take Magnum P.I. and school picture day very seriously.”

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Cosmos Chic - School Photos

Cosmos Chic

“Had a big Carl Sagan phase in high school.”

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Cutting To The Chase - Random

Cutting To The Chase

“This is my kind of school fundraiser.”

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Thriller - School Photos


“This is my brother’s senior photo. Very awkward.”

(submitted by JT)

Perfect Storm - Dad

Perfect Storm

“These were the names of my Dad’s teachers in pre-school.”

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