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Sugar Grills

Sugar Grills - School Photos

“Classic sugar grill.  Story goes that I chewed on my bottle so much that it ruined my teeth.  My neighbors used to chase me around the yard with pliers saying they were going to rip out my teeth and sell the silver.”

(submitted by Zachary)

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Merry Christmas, Mom

Merry Christmas, Mom - Christmas

“My daughter made this at school for me. I believe that the teacher made an epic fail when telling my daughter what words to hold up for the photo.”

(submitted by Julia)

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When You Can’t Have A Retake

When You Can’t Have A Retake - Kids

“My friend’s daughter was not happy with her school picture.”

(via source)

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Me And My Tooth

Me And My Tooth - School Photos

“My second grade picture. Yes, that is a tooth. Yes, that collar is flight-worthy.”

(submitted by Scot)

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No, It’s Not A Wig

No, It’s Not A Wig - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is what happens when your mother chops off your beautiful, long, thick, Crystal-Gayle-length hair the day before school photos in Grade 2.  She curled it under every morning.  Success was not having to break out the Aloe Vera for the accidental forehead burns from the curling iron. My hair rivals one of the stooges but it’s meticulous, I give her that. She must have forgotten to do laundry in her haste and put me in some costume that would rival Liberace’s stage clothes. And check out the glasses.  Didn’t realize I was cross eyed until this picture surfaced 33 years later.

(submitted by Krista in Canada)

In Behind The Awkwardness • December 8th, 2015 • 12 Comments »

Librarian Chic

Librarian Chic - School Photos

‘This is me in 3rd grade (1985). I loved Garfield, so I have a picture of him on my glasses. My mother cut my hair. The sweater around my shoulders makes me look sophisticated and fashionable.”

(submitted by Dawn)

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Wheels On The Bus

Wheels On The Bus - School Photos

“My parents thought it was appropriate to dress a 12 year old in a school bus sweater, and pose next to a pencil.”

(submitted by Katie)

In School Photos • November 30th, 2015 • 1 Comment »
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