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One Take Wonder

One Take Wonder - Kids

“My school offered to re-shoot the photos but my parents declined.”

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Bangin’ - Kids

“This is a photo of my mom when she was in 6th grade.Not sure who her barber was but they may have been blind.”

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Bang Your Head

Bang Your Head - Photos

“Eighth grade was hard but I remember that this day was a particularly successful day for my bangs. In the yearbook my face was set conspicuously lower in the portrait frame than everyone else to make room for my bangs.”

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Not Part Of The “In” Crowd

Not Part Of The “In” Crowd - Kids

“Just found an old school picture. Guess which one I am.”

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The Coverup

The Coverup - Photos

“My 14 year old daughter forgot it was school picture day.  Normally would have fixed her hair and dressed nice.  On this day she wore a Nike shirt that said “Just Do It.” Good thing for us, her hair covered the rest of the shirt and left STD. It’s going in the yearbook!”

(submitted by Tierra)


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Smile Problem

Smile Problem - Kids

“1996. I forgot how to smile in the 1st grade.”

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Enthusiasm Gap

Enthusiasm Gap - Kids

“Got my son’s school pictures. Such enthusiasm.”

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