Sibling Recreation

Sibling Recreation - Photos

“My sister and I decided to take one of those ’20 years later’ photos.”

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Horseplay - Halloween

“My older sister really loved horses, and being the little sister and a copy-cat, I had to love them, too. We were probably 7 and 11 in this photo that I wish I could unseen every time I see it. This is truly a Halloween costume posing disaster.”

(submitted by Brooke)

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Cast Photo

Cast Photo - Photos

“My twin sister and I recreated an old photo for our parents for Christmas.”

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Nativity Recreation

Nativity Recreation - Christmas

“We took the same Christmas photo 18 years later. I’m the lamb.”

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Sibling Chaos Theory

Sibling Chaos Theory - Kids

“My boss, who has 6 kids, captured every sibling dynamic possible in one photo.”

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Sad Candid Camera

Sad Candid Camera - Christmas

“My brother was trying to get a good picture of me and my girls for the annual Christmas card. This was in between shots. Little one looks like she saw something she should not have.”

(submitted by Kelly)

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Santa Danger

Santa Danger - Christmas

“We dug this gem up recently.  None of us realized how creepy the Santa was except our baby sister.  We still aren’t sure where the camera actually was.”

(submitted by Shelly)

In Christmas • December 23rd, 2016 • 1 Comment »
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