I Ruined Thanksgiving

I Ruined Thanksgiving - Siblings

“Every year for Thanksgiving my brother and I drink several cocktails and deep fry the turkey.  This year I decided to brine the turkey in apple cider.  Results were the fry oil burnt the sugars in the cider turning the turkey black and my grandmother declaring that I ruined Thanksgiving. Cheers!”

(submitted by Mike)

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Thanksgiving Meltdown

Thanksgiving Meltdown - Kids

“That’s me with the curls. Apparently not being allowed to stay at the table was enough to warrant a complete meltdown at the family Thanksgiving meal. Everyone else is doing a great job of ignoring me.”

(submitted by Traci)

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Stat Of The Week

Stat Of The Week - Random Awkwardness

How much weight can you gain at one Thanksgiving dinner? A lot.

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Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie - Siblings

“My sister was supposed to bring a dessert for Thanksgiving.”

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Thanksgiving Ham

Thanksgiving Ham - Thanksgiving

“I tried taking pictures of my nephews for Thanksgiving.”

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Pilgrim Pride

Pilgrim Pride - Grandparents

“Mom decided we would all get into the spirit of Thanksgiving by dressing up. Note the varying levels of enthusiasm.”

(submitted by Cynthia) 

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Tryptofans - Grandma

“This is a photo of my family. I was the photographer. This is following a Thanksgiving dinner (given the date on the photo). These photo ops are what family get-togethers are all about!”

(submitted by James)

In Grandma • November 18th, 2016 • Comments Off on Tryptofans
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