The 60’s

Summer Of 69

Summer Of 69 - Dad

“My dad in 1969. I’d love to know how this happened.”

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Read Like No One’s Watching

Read Like No One’s Watching - Photos

“My uncle Max didn’t even care.”

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The Crying Game

The Crying Game - Photos

“I think this was for a passport photo about 1964. I’m the one crying. My dad had just fussed at us for something, which made me cry. He wanted to get the picture over with, and threatened to take it with me crying. Which he did, and which made me cry even more. My brother and sister were struggling not to cry as well.”

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Bangin’ - Kids

“This is a photo of my mom when she was in 6th grade.Not sure who her barber was but they may have been blind.”

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Santa Danger

Santa Danger - Christmas

“We dug this gem up recently.  None of us realized how creepy the Santa was except our baby sister.  We still aren’t sure where the camera actually was.”

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The Grief Process

The Grief Process - Christmas

“My uncle, comforting my father after breaking a toy on Christmas morning, 1969. That’s brotherly love.”

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Sorry, Ozone

Sorry, Ozone - Kids

“May I present to you, my mother at her hairstyle peak.”

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