The 80’s

Semi-Formal - Glamour Shots


Behave yourselves, ladies.

(submitted by Chad)

Bang Your Head - Family Portrait

Bang Your Head

Mousse is communal in this household.

(submitted by Mick)

The Seduction - Behind The Awkwardness

The Seduction

“This is a photo of my Ma and Pop out on a date in the ’80s. My mom must have followed the instructions on my father’s shirt, because 9 months later I was born!”

(submitted by Cleitus)

Keyboard Cat - Teens

Keyboard Cat

He lets his fingers do the talking.

(submitted by Andrew)

Rebel Without A Cause - Teens

Rebel Without A Cause

“I was all dressed up to go out to a club and my mom was laughing at me and insisted on taking my picture.”

(submitted by Chauncey)

Selleck - Kids


“A photo of my sister and I in our room. In our PJs, we loved stuffed animals and Tom Selleck.”

(submitted by Cassie)

She Bangs - Behind The Awkwardness

She Bangs

“The day before school pictures 1984 my mom was complaining that I wore black too often (all the time). So after making myself beautiful on school picture day I grabbed an old white sweater vest out of her closet and wore it to school. She still was not pleased with my school photos. Wonder why?”

(submitted by Mara)

Acid Rain - Family Portrait

Acid Rain

Nobody could have foreseen the death of those jeans.

(submitted by Molly)

Pistol Whipped - Dad

Pistol Whipped

Ladies, introducing the full package.

(submitted by Laine)

Simply Red - Glamour Shots

Simply Red

Proof that you can perm a perm.

(submitted by Gillian)