The 80’s

The Triangle

The Triangle - Kids

“My mother got her hairdresser diploma in 1987. I was a poor innocent victim of her experiments. I guess she put a billiard triangle around my head and put some hairspray.”

(submitted by Karine)

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Rock Of Love

Rock Of Love - Family Portrait

“Yeah, this is supposed to be a family photo, but let’s be honest: the real star is my brother’s ginormous, outrageously over-teased hair.”

(submitted by Laura)

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The Way We Rocked

The Way We Rocked - Mom & Dad

“Today is my parents’ 28th anniversary. This is them at age 21.”

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Super Freak

Super Freak - Dad

“My Dad at an underground club in Berlin, 1988.”

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10+ Vintage Board Games That Time Forgot

10+ Vintage Board Games That Time Forgot - Awkward Galleries

Board games are supposed to foster fun and togetherness with friends and family. But not all of them can be winners. Thanks to our friends at Flashbak, we can enjoy some of the lesser-known board games from the 70’s and 80’s. Thank goodness for Netflix.

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Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s

Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s - Awkward Galleries

More from our friends at Flashbak. The 70’s and 80’s was a Golden Age for all-girl pop groups. But for every The Runaways or The Go-Go’s, there were a hundred Bene Bene Bene’s–obscure knockoffs, unknown outside of Europe. Let’s take a look at 30 of these undiscovered disco dollies and new-wave foxes in no particular order.

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A Fail Is Born

A Fail Is Born - Kids

“We were obviously failing at Pinterest before Pinterest was even around. This picture is from 1989 and unfortunately seems to depict me, the oldest daughter, ‘birthing’ half the family while our mom is still making her way to the top of the steps.  We have no recollection of who took this picture or what look we were really going for, but obviously no photographer could salvage this ‘pose,’ and no inspiration is a good inspiration when it turns out like this.

Our family refers to our childhood favorites like TV shows and movies ‘PFFs,’ or Privett Family Faves, so it’s only right that this be called a Privett Family Fail.”

(submitted by April)

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