Family Portrait

Home Sweet Home - Easter

Home Sweet Home

Warm and fuzzy.

(submitted by Katie)

Hide And Seek 2 - Black And White

Hide And Seek 2

The invisibility cloak needs new batteries.

(submitted by Fritiof in Sweden)

Selfies - Family Portrait


Awkward Rule #723: The self-frame.

(submitted by Tim in Canada)

Around The Bend - Family Portrait

Around The Bend


(submitted by Vicky in the UK)

Sunny Days - Family Portrait

Sunny Days

The yellow accents really bring out the yellow accents in this family.

(submitted by Jeffrey)

Picture Perfect - Behind The Awkwardness

Picture Perfect

“This is my family attempting to take an Easter picture circa 1986 in Mobile, AL. I love this because my grandfather is the only one looking. I’m pretty sure this is what all families look like trying to take a family picture with little kids.”

(submitted by Rachel)

Lost In Translation - Family Portrait

Lost In Translation

“Our dad asked his friend to recreate our Sears family portrait and paint this masterpiece onto canvas as an anniversary gift for our grandparents.¬† Yes indeed, he actually PAID money for this beauty.”

(submitted by Nichole)

Short Trek - Family Portrait

Short Trek

To boldly go into the driveway.

(submitted by Jonathan)

Always On My Mind - AFP Hall Of Fame

Always On My Mind

“I came across this pictures of my mom’s family today. My Grandmother still thinks this picture is beautiful and doesn’t understand why people giggle about the awkwardness.”

(submitted by Elizabeth)

Neighbors - Behind The Awkwardness


“I am not certain how or why this picture took place since I was the youngest¬† (being held by the ninja). However, I have been told that the ninja was in fact our neighbor, what I question is why my sisters and I were such willing participants. Hey, mom and dad- why didn’t you tell us about “stranger danger?”

(submitted by Helen)