Family Portrait

The Kimono Crew - Family Portrait

The Kimono Crew

These ain’t no snuggies.

(submitted by John in the UK)

Objects Of Affection - Family Portrait

Objects Of Affection


(submitted by Ashley)

Viva Las Vegas - Family Portrait

Viva Las Vegas

“My brother and his wife with their daughter put this photo together, in memory of Elvis Presley for our mom, who’s been a big Elvis fan for a long long time. She actually had seen him in concert the last time he was performing here in Los Angeles. They thought this would be a great gift for her at Christmas time.”

(submitted by Eric)

Awkward Ecard: Breaker Breaker - Family Portrait

Awkward Ecard: Breaker Breaker

The Chewies - Family Portrait

The Chewies

(via Maya Gohill)

Burning Down The House - Family Portrait

Burning Down The House

A sign that interest rates are too low.

(submitted by Dick)

Crash - AFP Hall Of Fame


“We just crashed our car into a random person’s house…everyone was fine so we took a picture!”

(submitted by Shelby)

Hot Tub Time Machine - Christmas

Hot Tub Time Machine

They send their warmest regards.

(submitted by Frankie)

Talk To The Hand - Family Portrait

Talk To The Hand

No talking back in this family, unless it’s coming from your puppet.

(submitted by Luke)

Lean On Me - Family Portrait

Lean On Me

This family has a strong support system.

(submitted by Terrence)