Family Portrait

Behind The Scenes - Christmas

Behind The Scenes

“My niece Kya was done with getting her picture taking on Thanksgiving, as were all of us.   We were almost done and needed her cooperation.  When she wasn’t you can see how annoyed we all were….even the dog was pissed LOL.”

(submitted by Candice)

The Borgs - Family Portrait

The Borgs

Nailed it.

(via Mental Floss)

The Conscientous Objector - Family Portrait

The Conscientous Objector

All for one. One for all.

(submitted by Dan)

The Vaders - Behind The Awkwardness

The Vaders

“This is a picture of our family taken for our latest Church Directory.”

(submitted by Dan)

The Conscientous Objector - Babies

The Conscientous Objector

“My family may be a little different, but we bring dinner to the table together.”

(submitted by Maggie)

The Kimono Crew - Family Portrait

The Kimono Crew

These ain’t no snuggies.

(submitted by John in the UK)

Objects Of Affection - Family Portrait

Objects Of Affection


(submitted by Ashley)

Viva Las Vegas - Family Portrait

Viva Las Vegas

“My brother and his wife with their daughter put this photo together, in memory of Elvis Presley for our mom, who’s been a big Elvis fan for a long long time. She actually had seen him in concert the last time he was performing here in Los Angeles. They thought this would be a great gift for her at Christmas time.”

(submitted by Eric)

Awkward Ecard: Breaker Breaker - Family Portrait

Awkward Ecard: Breaker Breaker

The Chewies - Family Portrait

The Chewies

(via Maya Gohill)