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Family Portrait


Some slides were not meant to be watered.

(submitted by Ryan)

Red Stripe

This family preferred to play a game called “There’s Waldo.”

(submitted by Jamie)

Hair Band

In this family, you go bald. You’re out.

(submitted by Calvin)


This family was split between gym and tan and hadn’t even considered laundry.

(submitted by Elliot)

Hawaii Nine-0

It’s just a state of mind.

(submitted by Kristi)

Heads Up

You have to earn your torso in this family.

(submitted by Nicholas)

Bon Voyage

After sorting through all of the candidates for the holiday card, the Oxenfeldts knew this was the one.

(submitted by Evan)

The Wedge

This child shows no remorse about splitting her parents up.

(submitted by Emily)

Indifferent Strokes

A friend thought some plants would liven up the place.

(submitted by Jack)

Super Casual

Everything goes with jeans.

(submitted by Mary Jane)