Family Portrait

Super Casual - Family Portrait

Super Casual

Everything goes with jeans.

(submitted by Mary Jane)

Let’s Get Physical - Family Portrait

Let’s Get Physical

Sometimes, the strength of a family is measured in strength.

(submitted by Tim)

The Equestrian - Family Portrait

The Equestrian

Awkward Rule #987: Dueling horse sweaters.

(submitted by Kate)

Junkyard - Family Portrait


One man’s trash is another man’s family portrait.

(submitted by Tyler)

Look Away - Family Portrait

Look Away

This family reflects on the year gone past and also ignores each other.

(submitted by Trevor)

Lobster Bisque - Family Portrait

Lobster Bisque

And most odd is that this is a Christmas photo.

(submitted by Katharine)

The Gandersons - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Gandersons

Otherwise known as a “Mexican stareoff.”

(submitted by Alexis)

Growing Pains - Family Portrait

Growing Pains

The holiday season is a time to come together despite our differences.

(submitted Liora)

Up On A Roof - Family Portrait

Up On A Roof

When these kids find out that Santa isn’t real, they’re going to be really pissed.

(submitted by Lyn)

Royal Pains - Family Portrait

Royal Pains

“This is me and my family. It was a stinking hot summer’s day (in Sydney, Australia) and we’d driven down from the country in the Tarago. They ran out of costumes, so I’m wrapped in mum’s cloak. None of us were happy about the idea. Can you tell?”

(submitted by Sarah in Australia)