Not Part Of The “In” Crowd

Not Part Of The “In” Crowd - Kids

“Just found an old school picture. Guess which one I am.”

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Tampax To The Max

Tampax To The Max - Halloween

“I have two Moms. They dressed me up like this for Halloween.”

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Super Squeamish

Super Squeamish - Kids

“My daughter made a friend at DragonCon, but he wasn’t too sure about her.”

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Fresh Jerk

Fresh Jerk - Kids

“The boy never figured out why I told him to stand there.”

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“Window” Seat

“Window” Seat - Kids

“When we fly, my kids always fight over the window seat. Today’s winner was NOT happy.”

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Another Mine

Another Mine - Dad

“Dad loved to visit mines and quarries. The rest of the family had little choice but to go along for the ride. Apparently, we rebelled by pulling our sweater sleeves far out of shape. Despite the mandatory rubber outfits and helmets, Mom always looked stylish.”

(submitted by George)

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Pucker Up

Pucker Up - Family Portrait

“In theory, having everyone kiss was a good idea. Until the look on one of the girls face showed that perhaps we were wrong.”

(submitted by Joanna)

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