The Literalist

The Literalist - Kids

“My eight-year-old son takes homework directions literally.”

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W Is For Birthday

W Is For Birthday - Birthdays

“My parents are staunch Republicans and were big fans of the Bush administration, but I think the real obsession stemmed from my Mom’s crush on George W. Bush and was then passed on to six year old me. So, whenever nineteen year old me gets accused by my parents of being too progressive, I remind them that when I was six I had a George W. Bush-themed birthday. Disturbing? Amusing? Maybe both.”

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The Banana Hammocked Crusader

The Banana Hammocked Crusader - Birthdays

“My wife’s friend had a superhero-themed swim party for their four-year-old son. This is what the bakery came up with.”

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Parrot Patrol

Parrot Patrol - Family Portrait

“It was the spring of 1994 and family photos at Sears were ‘the thing to do.’ I found my one outfit that wasn’t full of bird poop and walked proudly into the mall. Guys, this was waaaay before bird flu when it was ‘cool’ to walk around with a pet parrot on your shoulder. I think this was the era when had a whopping five parrots in our home.”

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Campaign Promise

Campaign Promise - Kids

“A local reporter in my town asked kids what they would do if they were ruler of the world. This kid is a born leader.”

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Uniform Confusion

Uniform Confusion - Kids

“My five-year-old found this picture of me I’d hidden away. Quietly, she asked, ‘Daddy, were you in the war?’”

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Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies - Kids

“My seven-year-old’s artwork he brought home from school today.”

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