Caged - Kids

“It took hours to find someone with the key.”

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Through The Years

Through The Years - Behind The Awkwardness

“Traditional 80′s Sears photo.”


I didn’t get to pick my number.

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Fountain Of Youth

Fountain Of Youth - Kids

“My mom wanted my sister and I to sit for a family picture. When I was little, I always wanted to wear my hair in a fountain ponytail. Apparently, my hair was disagreeing with what my mom wanted it to look like so she chose to grab a brush and try and fix it. The end result was the beautiful fountain on the little girl in pink.”

(submitted by Hailey in Canada)

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Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’ - Kids

“This is my son and a little girl from his class at the pool last summer. She didn’t want him in the photo. He was not amused.”

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Ferbiestarter - Kids

“This was our first family photo session. I had cut my own bangs and was told to bring a toy. The Picture is a result of this.”

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