Little League Of Their Own

Little League Of Their Own - Kids

“My daughter’s all-star team.”

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A Few Pointers

A Few Pointers - Kids

“This is how my daughter points to things.”

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Raise The Roof

Raise The Roof - Kids

“I’m babysitting. Just sent this pic to his Mom and asked, ‘What do you say to get him to come down?'”

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Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy - Kids

“My daughter drew this for me this morning! She was saying “I love you”, the finger was supposed to be pointing at me!”

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Jedi Mom

Jedi Mom - Family Portrait

“My sad attempt to take a cute photo with my four sons.”

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Not Suffering Fools

Not Suffering Fools - Birthdays

“My family can’t stand stupid. It begins at birth. I took my 3-year-old daughter to have her birthday pictures done. The photographer made very lame attempts at making her smile and she made this face just as she snapped the picture. Her face looks like she’s thinking, ‘What is wrong with you?’ The photographer wanted to delete the picture but I wouldn’t let her. I even bought the picture because it was just so funny!”

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Dressing Distress

Dressing Distress - Dad

“These pictures are of my daughter playing at getting dressed, when she was about 18 months old. She saw that her two big brothers could dress themselves, and she wanted to emulate them. She would grab their clothes from low shelves in their closet, and put them on, layer after layer, but she would get a lot of arm holes and head holes mixed up. I stood around taking pictures- but did, eventually, help her.”

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