Prank War

Prank War - Dad

“My daughter wanted to have a prank war one night. Thankfully I turned on the light before jumping into bed.”

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Joy To The World 4

Joy To The World 4 - Christmas

“This was supposed to be our Christmas card. It turns out she just hated that sweater.”

(submitted by Matthew)

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Little Daenerys

Little Daenerys - Kids

“My 8-year-old daughter takes artistic direction from no one. Guess which one is hers.”

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Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial - Kids

“When I was 12, I decided to play with my Mom’s makeup.”

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Suburban Cowboy

Suburban Cowboy - Kids

“My son became a cowboy over the summer, with a feather boa hat. I love that his loose tooth he wouldn’t let me pull was just hanging for his school picture.”

(submitted by Annette)

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Anguish And Acceptance

Anguish And Acceptance - Christmas

“I think we nailed it.”

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Crime Scene

Crime Scene - Kids

“My friend thought doing Tooth Fairy footprints in glitter would look cute. Daughter thought the Tooth Fairy killed someone.”

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