When You Know, You Know

When You Know, You Know - Couples

“They took a ‘wedding’ photo when they were both 5, and then got married for real 19 years later.”

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Shirt Happens 2

Shirt Happens 2 - Kids

“For some reason my mom thought it was okay for me to dress myself for our annual 4th of July bash. Thank you, awkward phase.”

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A Future Homeless Cavewoman

A Future Homeless Cavewoman - Kids

“Apparently my daughter daughter is going to be a homeless cavewoman when she grows up.”

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Living On A Prayer

Living On A Prayer - Kids

“Here’s my twins’ 1st-2nd grade basketball team. In the back row is one of my boys (the ginger), normal as can be. Front row, the other ginger, also mine. No idea what he was doing, but the scary thing is that this was the best picture they took of the team. I’d love to see the outtakes!”

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The Future Engineer

The Future Engineer - Kids

“When I was younger, my grandpa challenged me to stack all the dominos on top of one standing domino.”

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That’s Not A Knife

That’s Not A Knife - Kids

“My friend’s childhood photo.”

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Ladies’ Kid

Ladies’ Kid - Kids

“Not sure why my wife didn’t like my wardrobe selection for my son’s school picture. In all honesty, I forgot it was school picture day.”

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In Kids • February 2nd, 2017 • Comments Off on Ladies’ Kid
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