Wilted - Kids

“The flower girl before the wedding, and after the reception. Long day for her.”

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Twin Trouble

Twin Trouble - Dad

“Our family was at Arctic Roadrunner (a burger place in Anchorage, Alaska) when I captured this shot of my husband Jim and our 2-year-old twins, Hank and Annie. Daddy and Annie are having a blast while Hank stands in the foreground clearly not a part of the inner circle. Also his Daddy cut his bangs way too short a week ago so things just aren’t going his way lately.”

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Brother Photobomb

Brother Photobomb - Kids

“My daughter wanted a ‘serious’ picture with her friends, but her brother photobombed it. I can’t stop laughing.”

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Bombshell - Kids

“My sister just told her kids that she’s expecting a third child.”

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The Bathroom Scholar

The Bathroom Scholar - Kids
“I think I was cramming for an important test.”
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Gift Discrepancy

Gift Discrepancy - Christmas

“Sometimes life gives you a puppy and sometimes it gives you socks. Christmas 2016.”

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Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire - Kids

“Kids write the best apologies. ”

I am sorry Ben I didn’t mean to hurt you. I feel like crap. I love you and I was trying to hit Chris. I hate Chris. I hate my choice I made. I rally hope you Except my apollagee. When I throo the sizzors, I was aiming for Chris. I hope you start to feel better soon. 

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