Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice - Kids

“Some little girls don’t like family photos.”

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Bear Hug

Bear Hug - Kids

“My father took this of me in 1968 in the parking lot of Lollipop Farm, a petting zoo in Henrietta, NY.  Apparently, they just had a grizzly bear head lying around for kids to play with.  I probably had bear brains in my hair when I too, that thing off.”

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Wet Paint

Wet Paint - Kids

“When you lose track of your toddler for just two seconds.”

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Ab Fab

Ab Fab - Kids

“Some kids hate the first day of school. Me? I was feeling FABULOUS.”

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Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal - Kids

“I found my spirit animal at a very young age.”

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Up Yours

Up Yours - Kids

“I was going through some old pictures from when I was a kid when I found this gem.”

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15 Average Parent Problems

15 Average Parent Problems - Awkward Galleries

Thanks to @averageparentproblems and for allowing us to share these amazing parenting truisms. If you’re a parent, you’ve been there.

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