Preschool Review

Preschool Review - Kids

“This is what my friend’s little brother had to say about preschool.”

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13 Toys Your Kids Will Never Want

13 Toys Your Kids Will Never Want - Awkward Galleries

The crazy thing is some of these are actually real.

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Playgirl - Kids

“The mustache was a bedtime prank. The tooth situation was from being seven years old. The Playboy shirt is a mystery. And the child in this photo is a girl.”

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And The Emmy Goes To

And The Emmy Goes To - Dad

“I broke my father’s Emmy as a kid, so my dad made it a bottle opener.”

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Second Place

Second Place - Kids

“Found an old photo from when I was thrilled to have won second place”

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Apology Accepted

Apology Accepted - Kids

“Recently our son was required to write his mother a letter expressing his regret for recent behavior.”

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It’s Butt Paste

It’s Butt Paste - Kids

“My niece¬†was being so quiet, we thought she fell asleep, nope, just quietly putting butt paste on her face”

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