Happy Camper

Happy Camper - Kids

“My cousin dropped off her daughter at summer camp a few days ago. This is the first letter she sent home.”

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Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry - Kids

“Looking through old photos, my parents apparently had a cheeky sense of humor.”

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Ask A Preschooler

Ask A Preschooler - Kids

“Preschoolers get asked a question every week at daycare and they post the responses on the whiteboard. This week’s was pretty good.”

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Bite Me

Bite Me - Kids

“My cousin’s 2-year-old kept getting bit by other kids at her daycare, so she had this shirt made up.”

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Can You Take Me Higher?

Can You Take Me Higher? - Dad

“My dad always got us so high.”

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Fallen - Kids

“I hear my 3 year old screaming, “Help! Mommy!” I ran to find him. Poor thing had forgotten to put his potty seat on and fell in the toilet. Of course, I had to take a picture before helping him out.”

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