Straight Shooter

Straight Shooter - Kids

“My little brother is a man who knows what he wants.”

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Knifeshaming - Behind The Awkwardness

“This was back in the 80′s when child safety was of no concern to adults. We never figured out if my grandpa took this picture for posterity or to shame me for not being able to safely use a large knife at 6 years-old. (Knowing him, my money’s on the latter.)”

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Bud Light

Bud Light - Kids

“I was about 5 years old and my mom made me this jumpsuit. It took her about a week. You would’ve thought staring at that fabric for 7 days, it may have crossed her mind that Budweiser may not have been appropriate for a 5 year old!  NOPE!”

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First Day

First Day - Kids

Couldn’t come soon enough for some.

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You Better Work

You Better Work - Kids

“I invented Vogue.”

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A Science Project On Science Projects

A Science Project On Science Projects - Kid & Parent Lookalikes

You cannot dispute sound science.

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Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon - Kids

“An interesting ‘Get Well Soon’ card from my seven year-old sister to my nine year-old brother who had a slight fever.”

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