Good And Evil

Good And Evil - Kids

“Everyone knows there has to be one good twin and one evil twin, but that changes from moment to moment. In our family, my daughter on the left is known for making horrible faces, and often we capture those on film by accident. We’re always hoping both girls will smile at the same time, but hey, you can’t have everything.”

(submitted by Melissa) 

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Two Sets Of Twins

Two Sets Of Twins - Family Portrait

“As the father of two sets of twins, I think this is the first in a long line of Awkward Family Photos.”

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Chalk Dirty To Me

Chalk Dirty To Me - Kids

“I wasn’t feeling well and needed a nap. My husband took our boys outside to play with the sidewalk chalk I’d just purchased. This was the fruit of their labors. Not sure what the neighbors thought.”

(submitted by Victoria)

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Prodigy - Kids

“My son has conquered the photobomb.”

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That 70’s Ice Cream Man

That 70’s Ice Cream Man - Kids

“Didn’t realize how creepy our ice cream man was back then.”

(submitted by Kim)

In Kids • February 18th, 2016 • 5 Comments »

Summing Up Mom

Summing Up Mom - Kids

“My son drew it in kindergarten (he is in fifth grade now) and we are both so tickled that so many get a kick out of it.”

(submitted by Tracy)

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Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself - Kids

“This is a photo of my sister and nephew at a mother/son dance. My sister had come home from the doctor a few days earlier with the brace on. Instead of staying home, she wore the brace to the dance.”

(submitted by Priscilla) 

In Kids • February 17th, 2016 • 1 Comment »
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