Holy Cow

Holy Cow - Grandpa

“Old picture of myself and my little cousin on Grandpa’s farm.”

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Play On Words

Play On Words - Kids

“I was looking at old pictures of my brother’s elementary school play when I noticed something…”

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Burning Down The House

Burning Down The House - Kids

“My favorite picture of me as a kid.”

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Hammertime - Kids

“Was looking through old albums when I found this gem.”

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Wedding Bird

Wedding Bird - Kids

“I had no idea this picture existed until my 18th birthday… I’m the perpetrator.”

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Faceslide - Kids

“Me attempting sports at age 15. My parents got an email a few days later from our local newspaper asking if they could use the photo for their junior sports section. The following Saturday morning all 200,000 people in my city got to see this.”

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Toilet Humor

Toilet Humor - Kids

“I have yet to receive an explanation as to how or why I am sitting in the toilet.

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