Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace - Kids

“Just found this note my girlfriend wrote her Mom when she was seven.”

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Ready To Mow

Ready To Mow - Kids

“This is my son. He wanted to help with yard work so I asked him to get dressed. He came out with this on.”

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Deez Kids

Deez Kids - Kids

“A note from my 10 year-old son’s teacher about his behavior in school that day. I couldn’t hold back the laughter.”

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Thou Shalt Nae Nae

Thou Shalt Nae Nae - Kids

“The Ten Commandments, according to my eleven-year-old nephew.”

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Holy Communion

Holy Communion - Kids

This is my daughter in the grounds of the church on the day of her First Holy Communion.”

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Way Into Legos

Way Into Legos - Kids

“This is how my son was sleeping. He may be immortal.”

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That’s Not A Last Name

That’s Not A Last Name - Kids

“I work for an organization that teaches young children how to write stories. One girl wrote a story about a kid trying to fix a water leak at her school. This is what she named the character.”

(submitted by Sherry) 

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