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Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Uncle Jack

It’s just for the weekend.

(submitted by Jack)

Can We Go Now?

You can only eat so much dip.

(submitted by Habiba)


This is just what people had to do before the discovery of the “headpile.”

(submitted by Garland)

Party Favors

“This is my Great-Aunt, who went to my cousin’s wedding in that pastel track suit with the purse around her neck. This picture was taken right after she was told she could take home the champagne glasses. She fit as many as she could in her hands, but made sure she had room for the leftover champagne.”

(submitted by Jen)


(submitted by Eric)

The Thanksgiving Letter

¬†submitted by Kara at Listen to a dramatic reading of Marney’s famous letter. After years of trying, Marney agreed to sit down with AFP and discuss...

Eye Contact

Has anyone seen Aunt Telcia?

(submitted by Nicole)


Follow the yellow pitcher.

(submitted by Justin)

Close Family

This baby experiences its first invasion of private space.

(submitted by Peter)

The Onion

This is what we like to call a “choose your own adventure” family photo.

(submitted by Nathan)