Tarzan - Behind The Awkwardness


“This is a photo my my two oldest sisters at a theme park in California posing for a pic with a actor who had just performed in a stage show. Apparently, he likes how my sister’s sweater fits.”

(submitted by Deborah)

Staycation - Behind The Awkwardness


“My father insisted on documenting our vacation to Disneyland. In our backyard. In Wyoming.”

(submitted by Ann)

The Bond - Vacation

The Bond

Another brother and sister brought closer together by the healing powers of Luxembourg.

(submitted by Nicole)

Special Ops - Family Portrait

Special Ops

Nothing to hide here.

(submitted by Cathie)

Final Destination - AFP Hall Of Fame

Final Destination

Well worth the seven hour drive.

(submitted by Derrick)

Such Great Heights - AFP Hall Of Fame

Such Great Heights

Oh, those two.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Girl Overboard - Family Portrait

Girl Overboard

“This is a photo of my family during a trip that we made in Brazil, there is no space for me in the plane, so the guy had the idea to take the photo with my mother and my sister catching me falling. It was very funny and a long time ago.”

(submitted by Ludmilla)

What Happens In Mexico - Family Portrait

What Happens In Mexico

Not everybody fell in love with “south of the border” quite like Sean.

(submitted by Sean)

Toucan Sam - Vacation

Toucan Sam

These parrots have found their Margaritaville.

(submitted by Chris)

All Hands On Deck - Vacation

All Hands On Deck

Everybody wants a piece of the Captain.

(submitted by Zoe)