I’m Not With Them - Vacation

I’m Not With Them

Guess who didn’t want to see The Karate Kid?

(submitted by Jo)

Up In The Tub - Mom

Up In The Tub

“I’m in front, brother in back, mom on right.  In a hot tub in a garage in Vail, CO ~1977 after a day of skiing.  Brother with very unfortunate head gear (how come kids don’t have to wear that anymore?).  Brother and I were in inner tubes, for some reason.  I’m pretty sure my mom DOES have a swimsuit on.”

(submitted by Maribeth)

The Accidental Tourists - The 80's

The Accidental Tourists

A pick-pockets dream.

(submitted by Nickole)

Splash - AFP Hall Of Fame


This is my mom, dad and brother in Sydney. Posing on a bridge, my brother set the camera on timer, and ran back to join my parents. However, he had too much momentum and fell back into the pond.”

(submitted by Claire)

Taking The Plunge - Vacation

Taking The Plunge

Awkward Rule # 372: Souvenir barrel photos.

(submitted by Don)

The Last Laugh - Siblings

The Last Laugh

Ah, the birth of revenge.

(submitted by Tammera)

Baby Get Back - Babies

Baby Get Back

Dad thought the backpack felt a lot lighter.

(submitted by Kat)

10 - Mom & Dad


This father isn’t going to let anything spoil his moment.

(submitted by Kim)

Gatorland - Kids


The children just love the petting zoo there.

Vacation - Vacation


Something tells us an itinerary is involved here.

(submitted by Alissa)