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The Sunbathers

It’s the most important day of your life… for you.

(submitted by Jeremy)

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Behind The Awkwardness: My Mom, The Cougar

“This is a photo of my mom and her new boyfriend. They like to travel and take pictures of themselves. She is very proud to be with him and makes sure to post pictures like this one all over the internet for me and my sister’s friends to see. So not embarrassing.”

(submitted by Hayley)

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Saturday Night Special: Guys & Dolls

You should see their diagram for tomato and tomahto.

(submitted by Durby)

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I’ll Be There For You

A good husband has always got his wife’s back.

(submitted by Lukasz)

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Saturday Night Special: The Beholders

Her parents didn’t approve, but their love was too powerful.

(submitted by Edson from Brazil)

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