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Stuck Like Glue

Now we know why she decided to stick around.

(submitted by Cleo)

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In Love And War

And it has only just begun.

(submitted by Reginald)

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Christmas Casual

“Just a couple of newlyweds enjoying their first Christmas together!! This was over 25 years ago, we would probably need a king size sheet today! LOL”

(submitted by Jeannie)

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The Bouquet Squat

“It was time for the bouquet toss, and after too much liquid courage… the maid of honor began to hike her dress up, and assume an athletic squat in hopes to catch the bride’s bouquet. The hiking and squatting created quite an audience of onlookers. Normally, I tend to hide my camera during moments like these. But the awkwardness was just too much! I had to take this photo. Needless to say, the maid of honor did NOT catch the coveted bouquet. But she sure had fun trying!”

(submitted by Alexandria of Alexandria Tyler Photography)

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Gym Love

It’s a beautiful thing when you can spot your significant other.

(submitted by Clover)

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