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Bicycle Rack Built For Two

His last wife was stolen from this very rack.

(submitted by Joe)

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Turn And Face The Change

“This photo was taken by a professional photographer my brother and sister-in-law hired for their big day. He instructed the junior bridesmaids to “look sassy” my sister-in-law to “twirl and dance” and the other bridesmaids (I’m on the far left) to “face away from the camera and grab each other’s butts!”

(submitted by Jennifer)

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Afternoon Delight

“We were in our early 20s and thought this would be great if our boyfriends became musicians.”

(submitted by Shelley)


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Make a wish.

(submitted by Kassi)

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Over The Shoulder

“This is another picture from my wedding. The other submitted is Groom Tube.  Once again the photographer had us in another awkward position.  I am 5′ 7″ and my sister is 5′ 4″.  He had us pose that way.  It reminds me of a toothpaste commercial or something just as silly.”

(submitted by Renee)

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