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Foxy Lady

“My priest owns an African Fennic Fox and decided to bring her to my wedding. Well, this normally tame awesome little creature, that I had met & held the day before, decided to go buck-wild & climb up my neck. Thankfully (I think), my wedding photographer caught it on camera. I was mostly scared it would scratch my gown but it just scratched up my chest…which prompted my awesome priest to say “Oh sorry, she scratched your boobs up.” That’s my new husband on the right laughing nervously & not saving me btw :)”

(submitted by Amanda)

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Bicycle Rack Built For Two

His last wife was stolen from this very rack.

(submitted by Joe)

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Turn And Face The Change

“This photo was taken by a professional photographer my brother and sister-in-law hired for their big day. He instructed the junior bridesmaids to “look sassy” my sister-in-law to “twirl and dance” and the other bridesmaids (I’m on the far left) to “face away from the camera and grab each other’s butts!”

(submitted by Jennifer)

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Afternoon Delight

“We were in our early 20s and thought this would be great if our boyfriends became musicians.”

(submitted by Shelley)


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Make a wish.

(submitted by Kassi)

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