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Behind The Awkwardness: The Longest Yawn

“My high school sweetheart and I were set to get married in June of 1995.  I called that wedding off, then we got re-engaged and planned the wedding for June of 1996.  Two weeks before that wedding I told my mom and my fiance I didn’t want to get married, but this time they would not allow it.  I went through with it, but I was not happy about it.  We had two beautiful children, but the marriage did not last.  We were divorced 8 years later.”

(submitted by Melissa)

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The Ring-Bearer

This one, he did for the money.

(submitted by Kerrie)

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The Wedding Potty

Intimate doesn’t always translate to intimate.

(submitted by Tasha)

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The Maid of Honor

And they thought the bride would never find out.

(submitted by Kara)

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Behind The Awkwardness: Punch Drunk Love

“The night before my mom was about to wed, my friend and I got into a fist fight against 4 other guys. We actually won then a 5th guy came up from behind and popped me with something in his hand. This is from the wedding album that next day!”

(submitted by Lewis)

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