Strawberry Shortcake

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“It’s the only photoshoot our mom made us take and here’s the story behind it. I am the youngest, wearing the Strawberry Shortcake dress, and I was sick. Before this shoot, I was crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to sit for photos and I didn’t feel good. Obviously, by looking at the photo, none of us wanted to be there. Also, if you look at the quality of the photo, it gets even better. The photographer didn’t even capture my sister and brother in their entirely into the photo, their shoulders and hair were cut off!!

Pure awesomeness, that’s what this photo is! When I post it places, people cannot believe that this is our real family photo and that we actually paid for it. I was there and yes it is very real and yes, we paid for the photos. We’ve tried to recreate this masterpiece, but we haven’t been able to capture the feelings that we had that day.”


Submitted by Karen

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