Waist High

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“This photo is of me and my siblings with our dad in 1986 on a summer visit to our Grandma’s home in Pennsylvania. We lived in Germany and only visited the states every other summer, hence our awkward expressions of unfamiliarity directed at the photographer (Grandma?). My husband saw this photo and thought my dad’s and my brother’s shorts were scandalously short. I recall the length being pretty normal for the 80s and perhaps even a little long. Maybe my brother and dad were just exhibiting some European fashion sensibility (they both did wear Speedo-type suits too, which we thought was perfectly normal). Not surprisingly, my sister (in blue) and I (in pink) were often mistaken for boys. I recall consciously choosing to wear pink at times, in hopes of averting any further instances of being mistakenly referred to or identified as a boy. I don’t think it worked.”

Submitted by Catherine

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