Birds Of A Feather

March 2nd, 2010

Birds Of A Feather - Mom

Thank you, Mom, for always knowing what’s best for us.

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  1. emm says:

    she just wants to get outta there and go home and play with the goat.

  2. Pedro says:

    Peacock inspired. Thanks Mom!

  3. Kelly says:

    “I know where you sleep!”

  4. leyla says:

    I wonder how many chickens she had to pluck to get that hat.

  5. Minnie says:

    hahahahahahhaahhaaa she looks sooo mad!! This is like me in half my child hood pictures

  6. sondra says:

    And the dance teacher thought this looked precious????

    $270 a month for dance lessons, check
    Endless driving back and forth a gazillion times for rehearsals, recitals and recalls, check
    Gaggling parents, flocking like sheeplets into crowded, airless auditoriums, complete with videos, cameras and relatives, check
    Daughter dressed up like a flaming chicken…. LOL!!
    Who is having the last laugh now?

  7. Anne says:

    Charlize Theron will play you in the movie, sweetie.

  8. Charlie says:

    I looked at this again – the daughter is a CLONE of the mother….

  9. Jessica says:

    I feel for that girl. I totally had that exact same dance costume,too. It was truly horrible.

  10. tony14 says:

    My poor daughter had a dance costume like this, except it was hot pink and had More sequins. horrible, just horrible (even the feathered hat was sequined)

  11. skyeleo says:

    “…she was a quiet little girl…never any trouble to her mother..always willing to wear whatever mommie wanted her to….then one day,.. SNAPPED.”

  12. tiqah says:

    WHO didn’t want to be a Majorette? and who DID?

  13. andi in NC says:

    Sequined, fringed costume – $50, Feathered Hat – $15, making big on Broaday (in your FACE!!) the same year as your 10-year high school reunion – priceless!!!

  14. rich says:

    The advantage of living vicariously through your child is you don’t have to wear the embarrassing costume.

  15. Red says:

    Somebody certainly doesn’t FEEL like a pretty pretty princess.

  16. shanti says:

    Priceless. There’s a pageant mom if I ever did see one.

  17. Candy says:

    I had a costume like this back in 1978 but it came with a beret that was made out of (wait for it) a white shower cap with flourescent dots stuck all over it. My mom pushed about 45 bobby pins into my scalp to hold the stupid thing on and then it was so hot, my whole head was a sweaty mess before I even hit the stage.

  18. taino sam says:

    someone is going to end up in the trunk of a car…and it isn’t the child……

  19. Chanceee says:

    truely a laugh out loud photo. that one got me.

  20. m says:

    Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl,
    She was looking pretty peaved,
    that her dress was single sleaved.

  21. DC Becca says:

    Ah, the fabulous dance costumes we had to wear….I could probably drag up a few like this of me (maybe I was a little happier in those photos, though). It was always the really good SENIORS that got the good costumes….the rest of us got feathers and a-symmetrical icecapade castoffs. Definately awkward!

  22. gregorian says:

    I suspect this is the aftermath of a visit to McDonalds before the concert.
    “No no, come on in. Everyone will think you’re adorable.”

  23. Liz says:

    Oh god, I definitely know that look. I’m sure there’s a photo or ten of me just like this floating around out there – lots of theatre and dance as a kid provide ample opportunity for hideous and embarrassing costumes that just have to be captured on film. The sequined Bill Cosby-inspired vests from clogging team, the hot pink harem pants from when hip-hop class did “Genie in a Bottle,” the countless jungle animal costumes from various childrens’ theatre musicals… you could fill a site with Awkward Stage Mom Family Photos alone.

  24. Snobo says:

    I see London, I see France, I can see this birdies underpants!

  25. Bruce says:

    No jazz hands today!

  26. HM says:

    My sister had this EXACT costume when we took dance classes! Oh my goodness, I wonder if this person was in her class. Brb must check home videos.

  27. nixie says:

    now you’re ripe and ready for the town’s Columbus Day parade

  28. Groggle says:

    I’m a little afraid for Mom. The claw of death looks poised to strike!!!

  29. Alan says:

    Is that a stream of liquid on the ground behind her?
    It could explain the uneasiness on her face.

  30. Daisie says:

    Mom is proud as a peacock. Daughter is dressed as a peacock.

  31. Tim S says:

    I think she’s unhappy because she just had an “accident.” I can see the wet streak on the pavement.

  32. binkymae says:

    I think I know that look! I suspect the recipient is a Dad/photographer who has ridiculed the whole dance lesson experience that Mom wanted so badly for her to enjoy. He might have said something like, “Come on Honey, pose for me with the jazz hands from your routine. hahaha”

  33. Grace says:

    Oh no, this blog just made my day and the photo. Good laughs

    • Pret24 says:

      The other sleeve ripped off when mom was yanking her out of the car for a picture….and before she could put on pants?

  34. Peggy says:

    Come on! Give her another sleeve. You owe her that much just of the humiliation of having to wear it.

  35. Michelle says:

    I think I may have had this costume one year for a dance recital. It was as horrible to wear as it looks. Those sequins are sharp!

  36. LCB says:

    Totally a dance costume. Reminds me of the outfit I had for the jazz part of one recital, except no feathers, thank God. Mine was pink, orange, and black, with black sequins and the skirt was black. It was tres stylish. No wonder I hid all my dance pictures.

  37. torismom says:

    haha This is actually cute. Poor girl.

  38. Gruntilda says:

    That looks like something Phyllis Diller would wear…

  39. Mel says:

    Someone is obviously not happy about her dance or skating costume!

  40. Jane says:


  41. Amanda Lyons says:

    and they never found the body…ever

  42. O.C says:

    And Brenda grew up to be a super villian.

  43. veluxx says:

    that poor child

    • Beki says:

      Poor child nothing. You know that girl threw a fit so she could try out for the majorette/flag corps/guard girls whatever it is. Perhaps if they showed the girls up front the outfits they’d have to perform in…..


  44. jitterbug says:

    That right hand is drawn into a claw she’s about to backhand her ma!

  45. Onoz says:

    Ahh, nothing is like the “I will kill your family”-look.

  46. John says:

    Poor girl…I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive her mother! Just remember: YOU will pick out her retirement home–remind her of this the next time she attempts to dress you this way.

  47. Joey says:

    And yet Mom takes her glasses off. Because they would make her look silly?

  48. annie says:

    looks like my little sister…

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