The Happiest Place on Earth

July 21st, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth - Vacation

For anyone who doubts the magic of Disney isn’t real.

(submitted by Donna)

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  1. Ron says:

    Hey, if y’all hate it so much, make sure you tell a friend, they tell a friend, etc. That way, the next time I take my family down there, it’ll be empty! We love WDW and DCL!!!!

  2. LINDA says:

    the most tireing place on earth, and the most hot and sticky place on earth…

  3. stl says:

    I can’t decide if they’re falling over due to the earthquake that day at the Magic Kingdom, or if they’re seasick from Dad moving the camera so much!!

  4. kat says:

    caption effing MADE this.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Careful! Becky’s not feeling well after the “Tea-cup” ride…

  6. cheryl says:

    This is the picture after one kid got sick, one was crying and then she finally got them calm down and they went to stand in line for space mountain for 90 minutes and when it was their turn, when they were next to go onto space mountain they closed it due to repair ! OOOPS No wait, that happend to us. Disney is the worst place on Earth. I hated my trip there and I’ll never go back.

    • stl says:

      I’ve always loved it…look forward to the next time! I’m remembering the time we went with our then young kids over 15 years ago. My mom and my husband were waiting under the train station with the stroller kiddy while I was running around with the others in Fantasyland, since there are hardly any lines after midnight! (I wanted to get my full day for the price we paid!) My husband was commenting to my mom something like, “only a crazy person would be insisting on staying this late with their kids here”, when who should come strolling by, but HIS favorite cousins with THEIR kids! We didn’t know they had also travelled to Orlando that day. It was a fun ‘family reunion’ we talk about to this day.

  7. CG says:

    Um. 5 grand my a**. My mom has 5 kids and it was only like 300 for all of us to get in. Granted, we stayed off premises. Also, I feel the pain in all of these children’s faces.

    You know, kids who want to go home after about 3 hours and parents who just HAVE to stay longer because “WE HAVEN’T SEEN IT ALL YET!” even though they’ve been two times before.

    Ugh, parents.

  8. NuttyMom says:

    “Oooo, Mommy, look ants!”

    “We spent 5 grand for what?”

  9. glasstabletop says:

    No offense parents but this is my idea of hell: Disney World, grumpy kids, heat and merciless sun…

    • Cee says:

      No offence taken. I’m a parent, and I’d prefer to have a root canal for my vacation than have the above combination!

  10. Joanne says:

    This should be made into a postcard! “We had a great time at Disney, the kids were really well behaved! We can’t wait to come back next year and see Epcot!”

  11. Cee says:

    This is a GREAT photo! It reminds me of my childhood family vacations!

  12. Tocsnai says:

    The castle, sadly, was constructed on a major fault line.

    Seriously: this is a shot from Pompeii, right? Just before the shower of ashes?

  13. djs says:

    “Hey, this isn’t magic carpet. It’s just plain ol’ ground…”

  14. EmmaKate says:

    I love how good Dad is at framing pictures! And how Disney tells you that this would be a good place for a family photo

  15. sls says:

    you know its time to go home when…

  16. MCR says:

    Awkward family photography 101: Be sure your camera’s “vibration reduction” mode is on, just in case one of those inconvenient earthquakes happens unexpectedly.

  17. Janell says:

    looks alot like DISNEY! C: Bcuz it is! Lol

  18. shmoo says:

    I LOVE how the “picture spot” is included in the photo.

  19. Swede says:

    This is a “Picture Spot” For you not-so-gifted out there!

  20. Bernardo says:

    Mom’s about to fling little Jimmy over the railing.

  21. troismama says:

    Every parent knows the equation: For every one cute photo there are at least 10 like this.

  22. JB Lynn says:

    Where are all the other people? Disneyland is NEVER not crowded!

  23. emm says:

    they all look like they just got off alice in wonderland’s spinning teacup ride…

  24. karen says:

    it looks to me like brother pushed little sister down right when they were saying cheese and mom grabbed brother to hold him back.

  25. Cheri says:

    Huh. Looks like every Disney vacation I ever went on.

  26. Leah says:

    “The sign says ‘picture spot’ so dammit we are going to take a picture right here!”

  27. Lucy says:

    It;s nice to know that I’m not the only one who suffers these delightful moments…LOL

  28. maureen says:

    It appears that at least two of the three youngsters are about to spew.

  29. Jess says:

    In college, a few of my friends and I had annual Disneyland passes. We would take the most ridiculous pictures at every single one of those Kodak Picture spots. Oh to have those pictures still!!!!

  30. Lars says:

    It would be the ‘happiest place on earth’ if only they stopped letting children in.

  31. Toldya says:


  32. Don says:

    Timmy had had enough of the Magic Kingdom. To be honest he had had enough of his sister laughing at him telling him it was time for his bottle. Why couldn’t he have a Coke like everyone else? She never saw the uppercut.

  33. Señor_Citizen says:

    From the looks of this, I’d say they were a good eight to ten hours into their Magic Kingdom adventure that day.
    Naps? We don’t need no steenkin’ naps!

  34. Melissa says:

    “Can you *PLEASE* help me find the regulation sized casserole dish? Aunt Marney is going to kill me when she gets back from the Hall of Presidents. I *promised* I would keep an eye on it for her.”

  35. Will says:

    my personal favourite is the Kodak sign on the right edge of the picture. i suppose that if someone is going to dump grotesque amounts of money into a large, multinational conglomerate; it should be remembered….

  36. meri says:

    Completely accurate for a family outing with kids about those ages. I love it! Now this is a family with a sense of humor for sharing this one.

  37. Mary says:

    Actually, this isn’t Disneyland. It’s Castle Dracula and they are all weak from having been drained a significant amount of blood.

  38. Mary says:


  39. Tim says:

    ” We just spent $3,000 on this vacation! Now, SMILE, DAMMIT!!”

    Another Awkward Family Moment, brought to you by Kodak – the official camera and film of Awkward Family Photos.

    Kodak: when you trust your awkward moments to only the very best.

  40. Moeppse says:

    Mind overload…
    If there’s so much to see it’s hard to stay focused and after a while the kids feel to overwhelmed.
    Seriously, why would you want your children to look happy JUST for a picture? oO

  41. Amice says:

    You know, this looks quite pleasant compared to the time John & Kate went to Disney World and Kate lost it because her 3-year olds *Got Melted Ice Cream On Them.*

    Yeah, Mom, it’s tough to wrangle kids, but at least they didn’t have the poor sense to sample a tasty treat with the potential for stickiness.

    • springjack says:

      Some day, some smart marketing executive is going to sign Kate up as the spokeswoman for Scotchgard and Saran Wrap.

  42. YoPaulie says:

    If it’s the “Happiest Place on Earth”, why is EVERY KID in the place crying??

    • Some chick says:

      Sensory overload, heatstroke, walking all day, not getting to eat in Cinderella’s castle because mommy was out of luck and couldn’t get a reservation eight years in advance, giant furry suits, that damned Snow White ride, other kids crying, ect., ect., ect…

      • oya says:

        It’s “etc…”

        Just sayin’. Seeing it spelled the wrong way all the time is annoying.

      • Cherriej says:

        You got that right! I totally love Disneyland but I’m an adult w/ no kids. It can be a pretty stressful trip for everyone for the exact reasons above. Oh, and thanks to the grammar police below for correcting “ect”… what would we do without you?

      • Blucat says:

        actually “8 yrs. in advance” is not that much of an exaggeration!

      • Jessica Rabbit says:

        Having just returned from WDW and encountering a crying kid every fifteen steps or so in the Magic Kingdom, I can only say a-freakin’-men to these observations. Sensory overload, heat, walking all day and the resultant exhaustion seem to me to be the big reasons. Funny, this only really seems to be a problem in Magic Kingdom. Maybe the fact that it’s the most noticeably crowded park is a factor; the other three parks are much less claustrophobic.

    • Tocsnai says:

      We know why the parents are crying. It’s also the more expensive place on earth.

    • NewbieHawkGuy says:

      It’s known as irony!
      And also, they’re all crying because they think Mickey Mouse is freaky!
      I mean, a 7 foot tall creature with ears the size of satalite dishes looking down on you with a huge f**king grin that, no matter how hard you punch him (trust me, I’ve tried!) will never come off!

  43. baxter says:

    it’s an awkward world afterall

  44. Cincoflex says:

    This is the ‘after’ picture for all those perfect photos that Disney uses in their promotional stuff!

    • Lee says:

      No, I think it’s the before… before mom whispered the threat through clenched teeth. You know the one, “Do you want to go sit in the car?! Then stand up and SMILE! NOW!”

  45. Jill says:

    At least they confined the awkwardness to the Kodak Designated Awkward Picture Spot!

  46. laurie says:

    Having recently learned about rodents in school, the children assumed Mickey was much smaller in person and proceeded to spend their whole day in the Magic Kingdom looking for him on the ground and in small nooks and crannies.

  47. neverfirst says:

    “Johnny, stop squirming. Jane, get back here. Just smile, Jessica. We ARE having fun, this IS the best vacation ever. Don’t make me get my crossbow!”

  48. coyotte says:

    I think i know that kinda situation, the one you just hate yours kids for being such monsters! Especially in such a place where you’re supposed to be the perfect happy family!

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