Christmas Clown

“This is me getting my present from Santa. It’s the ’80′s and my parents take me to a local club annually to see Santa. All is fine and dandy really, but let’s be honest. Why is a clown being Santa’s little helper? Or better yet, why does this clown have to look so sad and CREEPY? Bozo the Christmas Clown??? Here to spread cheers and tears?”

Submitted by Aimee • December 14th, 2012 • Add A Comment »

The Tale Of The Tail

“It’s not Christmas without a baby mullet.”

Submitted by Seth • December 14th, 2012 • Add A Comment »

Gingerbread Man

“These are my parents on Christmas. They are holding a gingerbread man because my grandmother gave it to me several years ago and what else are you supposed to do with a 3-foot tall gingerbread man other than take Christmas pictures with it? My mother is wearing what looks like a biblical costume because when my brother ordered her a nightshirt online for Christmas, he failed to notice that instead of a “Man’s Size Large Shirt” the description was actually a “Large-Sized Man’s Shirt”. My dad just always looks like he’s about to maim someone in photos.”

Submitted by Miriam • December 14th, 2012 • Add A Comment »

Big Red Riding Hood

“This is a picture of me and my brothers not being impressed by Santa Claus.”

Submitted by Elizabeth • December 14th, 2012 • Add A Comment »

Falling For You

“Every year we would go see “The Real Santa” at Macy’s Herald Square. The santa from the Thanksgiving day parade float. My dad sent me this picture this year, and I was truly amazed at the Santa in the photo. In my memory, Santa was just like Miracle on 34th Street. This Santa is about 25. My sister is freaked out, falling off my brother’s lap, who is sitting on Santa’s lap, (yes, it’s a jenga of children on his lap) causing her dress to come up. He tries to stop her, but won’t let go of his Christmas List. Me, with my Farrah Faucet hair at age 10, is trying to help, I think. Who knows. All I know is that I rocked those pink corduroys.”

Submitted by Jennifer • December 13th, 2012 • Add A Comment »
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