I Wear My Glasses At Christmas

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“This is the photo my Grandmother sent out as her Xmas card in the early 70s. She didn’t like my Dad’s not-smiling face so she cut out one from a different picture, pasted it in place and sent it to the printers. Note the glue on my dad’s face where grandma had attempted to affix the smiling face before it shifted during printing completely unintentionally. Still one of the funniest things ever (still) sent to more than 200 friends and family.”

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He’s Got Leg

“We found this photo while going through my Grandma’s old pics. It is a pic of my Mom and Dad at my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. We all just wanted to know what was Dad doing at Grandma’s without his pants on, poseing for a pic. Nice socks Bye the way.”

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Born To Be Bad

“We don’t even own a motorcycle…”

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Dazed & Confused

“My sister was home from college with her boyfriend who was meeting the family. He had just unwrapped a gift from me (16 years old) in front of our parents. It was a BONG that had been wrapped in a Kotex box. He probably thought the box was the most awkward experience ever and then he had to think of something to say while holding a giant bong in his hands. That was 1973; they have been married 42 years!”

Submitted by Cindy • December 12th, 2012 • 5 Comments »
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