Logging Off

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“My wife doesn’t do rides, but we got her on this log ride so we could get a picture with the whole family. Mission accomplished.”

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Submitted by Kenneth

9 Responses to “Logging Off”

  1. Gail Henry says:

    Hi All,

    We voted 5 times and loved seeing pictures of you all! Hi to your mom and dad

  2. Sabrina says:

    Too funny! I love those rides! Laura looks hilarious!

  3. Kay says:

    The look on her face says it all. I’ve had that same experience and frankly I would have rather given birth all over again rather than endure a ride like that. This picture is awkward because the first thing that popped in my head was Ferris Bueler. She passed out 5 rides ago and they are just propping her up for the picture opps!

  4. Pat says:

    It looks like she is giving birth, again!

  5. Carrie says:

    So funny……..She looks like she is in so much pain.

  6. Renee says:

    This is awesome…I voted 5 times!

  7. Martha says:

    This is what family is all about – giving in to please others…and then the pictures – LOL! What a trooper!

  8. Dara says:

    That is such an awesome picture!!! Poor girl!

  9. Marlene says:

    OMG one of the funniest on this site!!! I love all 3 expressions so much… Found my new wall paper :)

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