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“Every year, my family would go to our grandparents cottage in Groton Long Point, CT to vacation. We all have nothing but fond memories of summertime there, until we came upon this photo. Not sure what went wrong, or why we hated lining up on the boardwalk to take this photo, but this always makes us laugh and question what we were thinking!!”

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Submitted by Kaitlin

4 Responses to “Noseplugs”

  1. Mary Capone says:

    I am pretty sure from this picture, that you are the McArdle children. I am your mother’s first cousin!! You were at Barbie and Bill’s house at Groton Long Point, CT I have fond memories from my childhood spent there.

  2. Hopkins Family says:

    Knowing the girls… this seems about right.

  3. clint grant says:

    i have this photo taken with my family… we all hated it as much as these 3 do.

  4. Drew Morettini says:

    hahahahahhaha this just made my day/week/month!!

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