“We’re just a family trying to play the hand that was dealt us…This was taken during a family trip to Deadwood — about 30 years ago.”

Submitted by Derek • August 1st, 2011 • 1 Comment »

Niagara Fallen

“My wife just wanted a nice family photo of me with the kids in Niagara Falls before we headed home. After a long holiday weekend, this is what she got: Our daughter and second oldest son attacking one another, our eldest son sitting down opting out of everything, our youngest looking off into space, and me, doing my very best to look like everything is fine – all in front of the lovely Niagara Falls paper background, instead of the Falls themselves, which were just across the street.”

Submitted by Richard • August 1st, 2011 • Add A Comment »

The Contortionists

“My niece and nephew get so excited to come visit me in NC! My sister said two minutes before this picture was taken they were excited and talking up a storm and then it got quiet so she turned around and saw this. I have no idea how my niece is sleeping like that!”

Submitted by Stacie Jones • August 1st, 2011 • 3 Comments »

Ocean Breeze

“My family and I took our first cruise this year out of Miami, Fl in May We stayed at Embassy Suites the first night then left the next day on the Carnival Ship Imagination. My husband Greg thought it would be a excellent idea to take a family picture at the front of the ship while it was cruising toward the Florida Keys. Little did we know that the wind gust at the front of a moving ship is about 40-60 miles per hour if not more. We could barely walk out there let alone stand and pose for a picture…lol.”

Submitted by Debra • August 1st, 2011 • Add A Comment »

Cannon Shot

Brother and Sister looking natural.

Submitted by Alyssa • August 1st, 2011 • 3 Comments »
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