“In 1993, my mother planned a tour of the Southwest with myself (home from my first year of college), my sister (15), herself, and my dad, that included several days on a house boat on Lake Powell. On the very first day of the trip, mom developed an inner ear infection and spent several days detoured to Salt Lake City laying on the bed in the hotel with her barf bowl. We should have taken this as an omen, needless to say, this was the final family vacation.”

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This Dam Tour

“We had it up to here with the dam tour.”

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Someone To Watch Over Me

“We were on a family vacation in Utah. It was a fun trip for our three little country boys in the big city. Although Willy appears to have lost his shirt, at least little brother has on his best Sunday go-to-meetin’ boots!?! Apparently Ma and Pa weren’t dressed appropriately for the picture?!?”

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Sleeping Beauty

“The Alaska interior road trip. No luxury cruises for us. Grandma contemplates my daughter’s reaction to this photo which was what you might expect. Six years later, I can’t believe she let me post this!”

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“Those not in the know always tried to figure out why we were standing in front of an airplane in our swimsuits. When our dad was the company pilot we got to borrow the plane for a trip to California. We stayed at a motel right on the taxiway. Dad wanted a picture of his two loves in life, family and flying, so he pulled us out of the pool to snap this picture. We obliged only to have this picture haunt us for the rest of our lives.”

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