Patriot Games

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“During our Fourth of July family vacation, this was apparently our patriotic duty…”

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Submitted by Derek

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  1. kwyjibo says:

    Two thoughts:
    1. So this is where Buckethead (the Guitar player) came from.
    2. The photo lurker in the background is giving a one-finger salute.

  2. jpnya says:

    Who wears short shorts?

  3. chris says:

    dude in the background is iceing on the cake

  4. Lia H. says:

    Awesome family photo Larson family! I don’t think I have ever seen this one. Derik great legs! Hope you guys win!

  5. anne says:

    It’s like a patriotic Devo.

  6. Pinkerjean says:

    Not awkard? I think having your cildren poise for a picture wearing short shorts and 10 gallon 4th of July hats is pretty awkward, especially if you are older than 5! I know I would have tried to get out of doing it!! I personally think all the photos are more on the funny side rather than awkward. It is not like the picture shot up from the bottom after the publicity–it was a very close second! The judges obviously thought it awkward for it to make it to the finals. All contestants have the opportunity to solicit votes–it is how these contests work!!

  7. Wyoming says:

    The State of Wyoming loves this picture

  8. MA Lady says:

    Guess what? That one on the left, the girl, she is a family photographer now. I have seen some of her pics on her facebook fan page!

  9. Wisconsin Girl Mary says:

    Funny Picture!

  10. HootyOwl says:

    I’m honestly not trying to sound rude, but I don’t think this is anywhere near the most awkward photo in the contest. I think the only reason this picture has so many votes is because one of the family members used a radio station to ask other people to vote for this photo. It doesn’t really seem fair to other contestants who didn’t have the ability to be featured on a radio show. I’m saying this as an observer, not a contestant…

    • Counterpoint says:

      I am a contestant, though our picture does not have this many votes. The sponsors would be happy for us all to have local publicity, and I think its fair that we all have the opportunity to try and drum some up.
      Awkward is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s all fun. Now if I can just find 5000 votes somewhere….

    • WJO says:

      I agree – I read the comments on this picture because I couldn’t understand how they suddenly shot up to number one.

      • Sheba says:

        Hootyowl like to toot her own horn. Does she really think anything she hears on radio of sees on TV is solisitated? Most congressional menbers, expecially the one who have recently resigned, might disagree.

  11. KM says:

    So apparently only Shelsgirl has noticed, but how can y’all not see the shirtless guy in the background (behind Derek) that’s running in to give the thumbs up?! I think he’s the most awkward thing in the whole pic!

  12. Lisa says:

    Is this from the early 80′s…it sure makes me feel like home. lol 30 years ago

  13. Pinkerjean says:

    Cannot imagine my parents dressing up like this but I think it is great! Someone mentioned Halloween–would love to see some of those pics–you know how I love Halloween!

  14. Mandi says:

    This is awesome. I think Derek is the cutest! LOL. Hope you guys win.

    Hello from MN!

  15. Katherine Petru Stengele says:

    They all look like winners!

  16. Other Contestant says:

    Isn’t using a radio station cheating?

  17. steve says:


  18. Troy says:

    WCCO 830 AM listener!

    Good luck!

  19. An Associate of the family says:

    You should have seen the homemade Halloween costumes these three kids sported back in the day too! They were “awesome” to say the least.

    • Former classmate says:

      You mean like Maureen’s Poppin Fresh costume, or the Pumpkin costume. Used to love seeing the costumes they came to school in

      • An Associate of the family says:

        Oh no, not those costumes! Those WERE the cute ones. I am talking the tube of crest tooth paste. Remember that one?

  20. Shaniman says:

    Hahaha! I think this was taken at a park a couple of blocks from where grew up! (Based on Derek’s description elsewhere).

  21. Derek Larson says:

    This is Derek here (I’m the gentleman at the far right of this picture — you know — the guy that sort of resembles a cross between Brad Pitt and George Clooney)… Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone for the votes thus far! And a big thanks to TD Mischke from WCCO radio! We had a conversation on the air last night and I know a lot of you voters are fans of the show who have come to vote.

    As you might guess, my childhood has had its moments, but things are turning around. Tell your friends, I need all the help I can get. THANKS EVERYONE!!!

  22. Kim Salmela says:

    Love Derek’s Legs!!

  23. Anne Gainey says:

    Thank Mischke for this.

  24. chris says:

    Helped ya out*

  25. chris says:

    Mischke just got ya out….

  26. Aaron Wheeler says:

    22 states and southern canada voting for this pic. Derek, you have this locked down!

  27. jjholwell says:

    Now if only they were planking…

  28. Sylvia says:


  29. Sinistral1 says:

    I work with one of these people and we all enjoy his wacky way of looking at the world. He doesn’t wear shorts to work, but there is a dress code we all have to live by (thank goodness).

  30. katie says:

    Now that’s a picture to cherish!

  31. LKT says:

    Is this the same family from last years contest that was standing in front of the Welcome to Wisconsin sign? If so this family have some epic family vacation photos!

  32. Karla says:

    Can’t help loving this one. In the midst of all this wackiness, I spy not 1, but 2 pairs & possibly 3 of my all time favorite shoe-the Senor Cortez from Nike!

  33. hushupp says:

    LOL, I love it !! One of the contenders on my Top Ten List.

  34. Nancy says:

    I love it…I bet mom yelled to the boys in the morning….”boys, find your red white and blue sox and put em on”!

  35. Badmonkey says:

    The guy on the right: he’s got legs…and he knows how to use ‘em!

  36. Anya says:

    Short shorts are indeed patriotic!

  37. Shelsgirl says:

    The guy in the background hanging on to the fence makes this family look completely normal!!

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