Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s

January 10th, 2017

Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s - Awkward Galleries

More from our friends at Flashbak. The 70’s and 80’s was a Golden Age for all-girl pop groups. But for every The Runaways or The Go-Go’s, there were a hundred Bene Bene Bene’s–obscure knockoffs, unknown outside of Europe. Let’s take a look at 30 of these undiscovered disco dollies and new-wave foxes in no particular order.

1. Love Machine

2. Les Demones

3. Cocoricocoboy

4. Inka And Sunshine

5. The Pearls

6. The Internationals

7. Xclusiv

8. Fantasm

9. Motivation

10. Baby Doll

4 Responses to “Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s”

  1. Shadilay says:

    I found a bunch on Youtube and as a retro cheese junkie I can personally say that I’ve found some new favorites

  2. Cristina Soares says:

    Hi!!! I was really amused to see Doce in this list. They were a huge hit in Portugal in the 80’s. Also very scandalous. One of them was married to a politician that later was the prime minister. Some of the songs are still very popular today!!!

  3. jaela says:

    Found several of them on Youtube. It’s no mystery why they’re not household names today. Although I have to admit, the Internationals had some interesting choreography.

  4. Jon. says:

    Awesome! But FYI, I think “Bene Bene Bene” is the title of the song, the group is Inka & Sunshine. Not that they’re any more notable…

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