Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s

January 10th, 2017

Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s - Awkward Galleries

11. Mizz

12. Babe

13. The Flirts

14. Belle And The Devotions

15. Phantom Blue

16. The Orchids

17. Cine-Mace

18. Arabesque

19. A La Carte

20-21. Frizzle Sizzle & Doce

4 Responses to “Unsung Girl Group Records From The 70’s-80’s”

  1. Shadilay says:

    I found a bunch on Youtube and as a retro cheese junkie I can personally say that I’ve found some new favorites

  2. Cristina Soares says:

    Hi!!! I was really amused to see Doce in this list. They were a huge hit in Portugal in the 80’s. Also very scandalous. One of them was married to a politician that later was the prime minister. Some of the songs are still very popular today!!!

  3. jaela says:

    Found several of them on Youtube. It’s no mystery why they’re not household names today. Although I have to admit, the Internationals had some interesting choreography.

  4. Jon. says:

    Awesome! But FYI, I think “Bene Bene Bene” is the title of the song, the group is Inka & Sunshine. Not that they’re any more notable…

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