Stat Of The Week - Random

Stat Of The Week

How much weight can you gain at one Thanksgiving dinner? A lot.

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Splitsville - Friends


“Splitting my pants five minutes before the ceremony? Worth it.”

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Hide Your Teeth - Kids

Hide Your Teeth

“Apparently no one taught me how to smile properly at age 4.”

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Chip & Dale - Birthdays

Chip & Dale

“My 84-year-old Grandma had her day made.”

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The President’s Grammar - Grandma

The President’s Grammar

“My grandmother, Kelly, was about to use this to write down our Scrabble scores, until she flipped it over and saw this.”

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Henry And Anne - Halloween

Henry And Anne

“My friend’s kids’ Halloween costumes. Yes, they were Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.”

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What Mom And Dad Really Think - Mom & Dad

What Mom And Dad Really Think

“Coming home for Thanksgiving can be an enlightening experience.”

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Pumpkin Pie - Siblings

Pumpkin Pie

“My sister was supposed to bring a dessert for Thanksgiving.”

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Thanksgiving Ham - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Ham

“I tried taking pictures of my nephews for Thanksgiving.”

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