When Nature Calls - Couples

When Nature Calls

“My friends’ marriage photos. It looks like they decided to take a quick break from the nuptials for a blissful nature tinkle with her hubby.”

(submitted by Jose)

Carpe Diem - Couples

Carpe Diem

“My wife and I do not lead an exciting life.”

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I Got You Babe - Siblings

I Got You Babe

“All of the kids were involved in dance.  My mom wanted a picture of all of the kids in their dance costumes at the dance recital.”

(submitted by Carrie)

Soft Landing - Kids

Soft Landing

“My brother, birdwatching.”

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Big Red - Family Portrait

Big Red

“Here’s a good one for ya lol 1992 Taft, CA.”

(submitted by brittany)

It’s A Mauve Mauve World - Kids

It’s A Mauve Mauve World

“My mom saved this for some reason. I don’t know whether to be mortified by it or love it.”

(submitted by Tim)

Aqua Boy - Photos

Aqua Boy

“My brother really wanted to swim with his turtle.”

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My Mom The Vampire - Mom

My Mom The Vampire

“Meet my Mom. She hasn’t aged since I was a baby.”

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First Aid Fun - Siblings

First Aid Fun

“My sister’s first aid organization.”

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Losing The Way - Friends

Losing The Way

“So my friend was excited about his new tattoo, until I pointed out a huge mistake.”

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