Hello Ladies - Kids

Hello Ladies

“My seven-year-old’s artwork he brought home from school today.”

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Chimney Alternative - Mom

Chimney Alternative

“My mother was cleaning the attic.”

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The Dream Jobs Of Preschoolers - Kids

The Dream Jobs Of Preschoolers

“My old school asked kids in preschool what they wanted to be when they grew up.”

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Extra Safety Features - Kids

Extra Safety Features

“When your older brother is learning to drive…”

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String Theory - Babies

String Theory

“I confess I’m the father in this picture. I was understandably reluctant to have my picture taken, but I must have relented on a particularly unfortunate day. The pornstache, the pudge, the restrained toddler and squashed-face baby, and the violin that nobody played….all a perfect family tableau.  I do not miss the 90s.”

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Art Appreciation - Kids

Art Appreciation

“Kindergartners comment on a classic work of art.”

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Keep Thanksgiving Weird - Siblings

Keep Thanksgiving Weird

“My sister reminded me of how my family is incapable of taking a normal picture at Thanksgiving.”

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Way Past Naptime - Family Portrait

Way Past Naptime

“And that’s when I knew my son was done taking family photos.”

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Ewok This Way - Kids

Ewok This Way

“My brother-in-law put this photo on Facebook. Nobody seemed to notice what was interesting about it.”

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Slipping Away - Photos

Slipping Away

“My sister tried to kiss a fish.”

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