Cake Retaliation

June 17th, 2016

Cake Retaliation - Couples

“This is how my loving husband took control of the cake-smashing situation on our wedding day! Apparently he didn’t enjoy me ‘caking’ him without warning, and this is how he chose to get me back One of my favorite parts of this picture are the cake crumbs flying through the air! Yes, even after this, we’re still happily married!”

(submitted by Erin)

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Small, Medium, And Baby

June 17th, 2016

Small, Medium, And Baby - Babies

“The pizza place by my house compares the size of their slices to newborn babies.”

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Solo Twister

June 17th, 2016

Solo Twister - Siblings

“My brother loves playing video games. This is how he plays them.”

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The Sleep-Talk Diary

June 17th, 2016

The Sleep-Talk Diary - Couples

“My girlfriend sleep-talks a lot. I write down the best ones when I can.”

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Two In A Row

June 17th, 2016

Two In A Row - Kids

“We didn’t get a picture of our son from the day before, when he evenly spread 25-30 pounds of rice all over the kitchen floor. The next day we checked on him while he was watching Cars 2, and this is how we found him.”

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Apron Replacement

June 17th, 2016

Apron Replacement - Babies

“At a glance this appears to be a picture of me with my grandmother. But really, it was a picture my Mom had of just my grandma, in which she appeared wearing a really ugly apron. So, my Mom decided to paste over the apron with a cutout of me as a baby.”

(submitted by Vanessa) 

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Martini Art

June 16th, 2016

Martini Art - Dad

“Pre-K gems from art class. I bartended a few nights a week, and I was also drawing murals on glass during the day. My son brought this home from school.”

(submitted by Joey)

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