Those Aren’t Flowers - Mom

Those Aren’t Flowers

“My mother bought these throw pillows.”

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Summer Of 69 - Dad

Summer Of 69

“My dad in 1969. I’d love to know how this happened.”

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The Head Family - Dad

The Head Family

“This is a photo of my parents and all of our heads: four daughters and their respective families. My Dad loves photography, and recently purchased a green screen so that our family photos could miraculously be in any lovely location in the world. This one, however, highlights the fact that he might want to improve his cutting and pasting skills.”

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The Hairy Fairies - Lists

The Hairy Fairies

Heather Larkin is an Athens, Georgia-based portrait photographer whose business, Fairyography, caters to little girls’ dreams come true, dressing them like fairies and...
This Teacher Writes The Funniest Bonus Questions Ever - Articles

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Kiss Off - Kids

Kiss Off

“Little girls’ reaction to the kiss at a wedding.”

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Doctor’s Orders - Photos

Doctor’s Orders

“I got this shirt at an event sponsored by Dr. Pepper.”

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