A Son’s Failed Password Anguish - Kids

A Son’s Failed Password Anguish

“How I found out that my son tried to access my tablet.”

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Lunchbox Desperation - Kids

Lunchbox Desperation

“Found this note in my son’s backpack while cleaning it out over the summer. While I admit to occasional lunchbox desperation, I do not recall ever packing spiky, boiled sea urchins.”

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Snowed In - Mom

Snowed In

“This is what happens when your mother LOVES to push buttons in her new car.”

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Gaston Meets His Match - Friends

Gaston Meets His Match

“My friend, who is a women’s studies major, just met Gaston at Disney World.”

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My Brother Is A Dumbbell - Siblings

My Brother Is A Dumbbell

“I had a lot of explaining to do when my parents found this on their camera roll. In my defense, he deserved it…”

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Thor, Party Of Two - Random

Thor, Party Of Two

“A friend of mine captured this awkward family dinner.”

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Cheeseball - Behind The Awkwardness


“Last year, my spirited son, Henry, came home from school with this note in his folder. I had a really hard time keeping a straight face!”

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The Truth About Grandma - Grandma

The Truth About Grandma

“My grandma showed me this letter I sent her when I was six. She has kept this for over twenty years.”

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Those Aren’t Ferns - Grandma

Those Aren’t Ferns

“My seven-year-old daughter asked for fingerless gloves with flowers on them. Grandma delivered.”

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Downward Dog - Engagement

Downward Dog

“We took engagement photos with our new puppy. This one is my favorite.”

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