Yes, I Let Him Hand This In

January 26th, 2016

Yes, I Let Him Hand This In - Kids

“My son’s third grade vocab word was geologist. Apparently, he had a rather low opinion of them.”

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This Is 50

January 26th, 2016

This Is 50 - Co-Workers & Teams

“My boss is turning 50. (49A, according to her) The team is very supportive.”

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What I Found On My Boss’s Desktop

January 26th, 2016

What I Found On My Boss’s Desktop - Co-Workers & Teams

“My boss is a sixty-plus-year-old man, and this is his desktop.”

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Ball Three

January 26th, 2016

Ball Three - Kids

“My son can sum up our family’s athletic ability in one photo.”

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Not Like The Others

January 26th, 2016

Not Like The Others - Kids

“I coached a summer basketball camp where we had Free Dress day. One kid clearly took full advantage of it.”

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You May Drop The Bride

January 26th, 2016

You May Drop The Bride - Wedding

“My husband wanted to ‘dip’ me for the ‘you may kiss the bride’ part of the wedding, but also didn’t want to risk standing on my dress. This is the end result. We laughed about it for hours afterward… and the jokes about not being able to wait for the wedding night definitely weren’t in short supply at the reception.”

(submitted by Katie)

Swap Meet

January 25th, 2016

Swap Meet - The 90's

“Found this in my family’s memory box from around 1996. We were face swapping before it was cool.”

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